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Many times it is hard to define where a construction project transitions from trade to trade and often our customers are in the need for products that would not traditionally be considered concrete accessories. This is why National Concrete Accessories carries many popular products that are for masonry, roofing, mechanical, exterior decorative, electrical, elevator guiderails and many other areas of construction.

The closest relative of concrete accessories would be masonry products. National Concrete Accessories carries a full line of by mortars, reinforcing products, control joints, chemicals, masonry tools and equipment. While masonry is a popular product for exterior work we also offer products for alternative decorative products like stucco, insulated concrete panel and decorative panel products.

Many of the membranes used with concrete for the building envelope are similar to roofing membranes for buildings and tanks. These are used to prevent leaks and are manufactured by the same premium manufactures that National Concrete Accessories distributes. In addition to the roofing membranes we have carry a full line of sealants, adhesives, fasteners and insulation.

A niche product that National Concrete Accessories manufactures in Toronto is guiderails. Commonly used in elevator installation they can be used in many projects where a device needs to be directed through a channel.

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