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Masonry refers to the building units of a structure, which can include brick, concrete, stone, and other building materials. The units of masonry are bound together with mortar, which hardens and seals the cavities between each material that is stacked or laid adjacently. Masonry is a durable method of construction that leads to the building of buildings and homes. Masonry can be used in weight bearing or non-weight bearing applications. Cinder blocks are used to form structural walls, where items such as cultured stone are for aesthetic purposes only.

Masonry relies on quality products, such as cultured stone, natural stone, blocks, bricks, mortar, tools, accessories, and cleaners. Whichever brick, block or stone you select, you can choose from a wide range of mortar colours to compliment the design.To add to the design of a masonry project, mortar colour can also be chosen.

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